The GRANIT webshop – our multifunction tool for your workshop

The GRANIT webshop provides specialist dealers and workshops with an efficient online shop that can be used for more than just ordering replacement parts. There are many reasons why the GRANIT webshop is so good. Here are the most important ones:

1. You get access to the entire GRANIT range featuring more than 12 million replacement parts and accessories – all in just a few clicks.

2. We make things easy for you. Even if you get stuck, our Make/model search and numerous special searches will help you quickly find the right replacement part.

3. Our replacement parts lists give you a quick and clear overview of all the parts you need, be it original parts or high-quality alternatives from our own GRANIT brand. With the GRANIT webshop, repairing machines from other manufacturers will be a breeze.

4. If you already know what you need, our webshop navigation will be a big help. Products are arranged by GRANIT catalogue, meaning that you can find all the items relevant to your customers in just a few clicks. The webshop also features direct links to our online catalogues for when you need to look something up.

5. You can plan your orders even better with the Multiple shopping baskets function. For example, you can easily sort your items based on which ones you need right away and which ones you can wait for. Shopping baskets can also be edited and shared with colleagues here.